I am a material-based artist living in a digital world. Being corporeal matters. Materials are tangibles. They offer unlimited possibilities. Taken out of assumed contexts I transform materials that are ordinary. Often making use of  pattern and repetition to create complex systems.

I make art that evokes meaning, from organic to scientific. In the pinhole work instead of doing something on paper I have done something to paper, transformed a simple material by making repetitive punctures with a needle. For eleven years I have altered daily coffee into drawings. And recently I have made the hated Styrofoam look good enough to eat. Expectations are subverted. Viewers are invited to look differently at materials they see everyday. 

It delights me that with keen attention to detail and my hands, work has been created from elements that might have been unworthy of consideration. Craftsmanship and aesthetics are important to me. So is poetry.